Our Story

Dr Klein High Res
Founder and Director of
Michigan Head & Neck Institute

Dr. Richard Klein founded Michigan Head & Neck Institute, PC in 1985 to provide a place for people suffering from TMJ problems to seek specific treatment. After practicing general dentistry for 17 years (including the voluntary time he spent when he served as a Lieutenant in the US Naval Dental Corp), he saw a need to open a practice that exclusively treated patients with TMJ problems as he saw an increasing amount of patients with the relevant symptoms, and treatment for the condition was evolving. He later added the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea to his exclusive practice as he saw a growing number of people who suffered from the condition, and evolution in the treatment of such a sleep disorder included an oral appliance (mouthpiece) that could be made by an expertly educated dentist like Dr. Klein.

about us
Michigan Head & Neck Institute, PC. Providing relief for those suffering from TMJ symptoms. Saving lives of those who won’t wear a CPAP for sleep apnea.

“A real team consists of many people of different talents, different personalities, and different abilities working together for a heartfelt mutual goal and who look at each other as equals in the fabric of life and soulmates in the concert of their job.” – Dr. Klein

Our Mission

At Michigan Head & Neck Institute our focus is on restoring our patients’ quality of life. We work with our patients who suffer from TMD or Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Our services aim to relieve the painful TMD symptoms by using oral appliances, multiple physical medicine techniques and physical therapy. We also provide an oral appliance as an alternative to a CPAP machine if you are unable to tolerate using one so you can get the sleep your body needs.

Dr. Klein and his specially trained staff provide an office that feels like home with treatments that have been relieving patients suffering from headaches, jaw, eye, ear and neck problems associated with TMD for over 35 years. Together with our patient we rediscover healthy sleep and a TMD pain free life for each of them.