senior man struggling to hearThe following article discusses the connection between TMD, mouth opening, aural symptoms and hearing loss.  The instrumental role of TMD in otic symptomology has been a cause of debate for years.  Aural symptoms including tinnitus, otalgia, vertigo and dizziness are proven TMD symptoms, and there have been countless studies that have shown aural symptoms may not have an otic foundation.  Most patients suffering from TMD have gone to several ENT specialists in search of a cure for their “itchy ear” or other aural symptoms, when all along the problem was an underlying TMD jaw joint disorder. There are other common signs and symptoms of TMD.
The presence of structures that connect the middle ear with the temporomandibular joint and the common innervation of the masticatory muscles tell us why 85% of TMD patients report aural symptoms. Click here to read the full article.