Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Earplugs When Your Partner Snores

A snoring partner can make it hard to sleep at night. Some snorers may be as loud as airplanes, which is not a good sign, either for their health or for your ability to sleep at night. You might think that putting in earplugs is an ideal way to counter the [...]

The Effects of Sleep Deprivation & How to Sleep Better

The amount of sleep we need as we age varies but mostly goes down from newborn to adult, with seven hours being the lowest amount of sleep we need. However, it’s possible to spend the correct number of hours in bed—thinking you’re asleep—and not get a healthy amount of sleep. {{{{link id='51459' text='Sleep deprivation'}}}} [...]

Caffeine & Sleep Deprivation

Most of us think that having that extra cup of coffee after lunch will keep us awake, but not if we’re constantly sleep-deprived.  Sure, a brief sugar rush or burst of caffeine will temporarily counteract {{{{link id='51459' text='lack of sleep'}}}}, but overall performance is dependent on the amount of sleep someone gets on a [...]

Brains Function of Obese People vs Those of Healthy Weight

Obesity is an epidemic in the United States, affecting more than 1/3 of adults.  The most common age range of obese people is between 45-64.  Being obese is different than being overweight.  Approximately 75% of Americans are overweight.  Obesity is determined by measuring body mass index (BMI), which refers to the ratio of a [...]

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