Sleep Apnea

Challenges in Sleep Apnea Drug Treatment

With the deadly complications of sleep apnea, it’s important for people to get an effective sleep apnea treatment that they will use. For many people, that treatment is not CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure), even though that’s what most sleep doctors will prescribe. CPAP can be effective, but [...]

Sleep Apnea Changes the Shape of Your Heart

Sleep apnea is a potentially deadly condition largely because it increases the risk of cardiovascular conditions. Heart disease, stroke, and heart failure are all more common in people with sleep apnea.  Among the stages in developing sleep apnea-related heart complications is a change in the shape and size of the heart. [...]

Are Your Headaches Linked to TMJ or Sleep Apnea?

Headaches can be very hard to treat. One of the biggest obstacles to successful headache treatment is pinpointing the cause, in part, that’s because headaches can be related to many potential conditions. If you talk to your doctor about your headaches, but the treatments they recommend aren’t helping, you should consider [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Earplugs When Your Partner Snores

A snoring partner can make it hard to sleep at night. Some snorers may be as loud as airplanes, which is not a good sign, either for their health or for your ability to sleep at night. You might think that putting in earplugs is an ideal way to counter the [...]

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