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03. 14. 2017

Recent News, Sleep Apnea, TMJ

Don’t Ignore the Snore: Dr. Klein featured on Channel 4 WDIV

Dr. Klein was featured in Paula Tutman’s 4 Part Series “Don’t Ignore the Snore” Series on Channel 4 WDIV Sunday March 12th and Monday March 13th.

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03. 13. 2017

Recent News, Sleep Apnea

The Link Between Sleep & Pain

We’ve all heard the quote “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”, and this week’s blog will focus on a similar scenario – the link between sleep and pain.  Pain makes it hard to fall/stay asleep, and alternatively, lack of sleep creates a gateway for pain. Each person has to determine what is the…

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We will be celebrating National Sleep Awareness Week 2017 at Michigan Head and Neck from March 5-11.  In honor of National Sleep Awareness Week, I am launching my blog entitled Sleep Aches.  The purpose of this blog is to inform doctors, in any field, of the signs and symptoms of sleep disorders, and the pain…

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03. 06. 2017

Recent News, Sleep Apnea

Myths About Obstructive Sleep Apnea

In honor of my new blog that is launching this week, Sleep Aches, I am going to be discussing some Obstructive Sleep Apnea myths.  You may have heard many of these in the past, so let’s address some common falsehoods: Everyone needs 8 hours of sleep per night All people have individual needs as far…

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02. 28. 2017

Recent News, Sleep Apnea

The Link Between Insomnia and Cardiovascular Disease

What is the most common sleep complaint?  If you guessed insomnia, then you are correct.  Insomnia is the most common sleep complaint in the general population, with a prevalence of approximately 10%. It is described by difficulty falling asleep or maintaining sleep, accompanied by some kind of daytime fatigue and/or impairment. The disturbance may consist…

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