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07. 07. 2020

Sleep Aches, Sleep Apnea

Is the Quarantine Causing Depression, or Are You Suffering from Sleep Apnea?

Since the Quarantine started, many people are feeling the effects of isolation, both physically and mentally. While it has been proven that people with Obstructive Sleep Apnea have higher rates of depression, little is known about rates of OSA in patients with a major depressive disorder.  When someone is depressed, having suicidal thoughts, or their…

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06. 11. 2020

Sleep Aches, Sleep Apnea

Has Your OSA Been Misdiagnosed as Depression?

          Have you or someone you know been battling depression for years without any results? If this sounds familiar, then you may have a sleep disorder. Because many of the side effects are the same, countless people go undiagnosed for long periods of time. Sometimes people find that they never had…

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05. 08. 2020

Sleep Apnea

What Doctor Treats Sleep Apnea?

Individuals who have sleep apnea experience interrupted breathing again and again during the night, which disrupts sleep and can lead to serious physical and mental health complications. If you’re experiencing daytime sleepiness, chronic snoring, mood disturbances, depression or fatigue, sleep apnea could be the cause. While a primary care physician can diagnose sleep apnea, he…

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04. 16. 2020


Self-Care for TMJ Pain

Pain and symptoms of locking or popping/clicking noises are common at the temporomandibular joint, where your jawbone connects to your skull. TMJ treatments often begin with self-care. This involves conservative means of pain control and lifestyle modifications to avoid the activities that put pressure or strain on the muscles and soft tissues of the TMJ….

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