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TMJ – Neck Pain Jaw Pain

neck pain jaw pain

Neck and jaw pain is a common complaint, and most people are ready to dismiss a little ache as stress or too much time spent on the computer. But consistent pain can be a red flag that something else is wrong. Rather than just treating the symptoms, specialists like those working at Michigan Head and Neck Institute can treat your problem at its source by diagnosing whether you have a TMJ disorder.


Mechanics of TMJ

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, which is what connects your jawbone to your skull. Due to the movement required to chew and talk, this joint is especially intricate and contains a number of muscles as well as disks to facilitate opening and closing. When you experience pain, the culprits are usually one or both of these two groups: muscles that are too tight or disks that have been displaced.


Causes of TMD

When the TMJ is out of alignment or experiencing tense muscles, the condition is called temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). A variety of factors can contribute to this condition, including:

  • Poor posture that causes your head to push forward for long periods of time
  • Injuries such as whiplash
  • Clenching your jaw on a regular basis

If you’re experiencing frequent headaches, neck/shoulder pain or grinding/popping when you open your mouth, you may have TMD. A physician trained in treating TMJ neck pain and other complaints can pinpoint the cause of the disorder and develop a treatment plan specifically for your needs. Oftentimes, lifestyle changes can resolve the majority of your symptoms.



If you’re suffering from pain caused by TMD, the Michigan Head and Neck Institute can help. We specialize in treating TMJ problems as well as pain management. TMD is a very treatable condition that can be alleviated without surgery or other invasive procedures. To schedule a consultation with a TMJ specialist in Michigan, give us a call at (586) 473 – 1533 or visit our website.

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