At the Michigan Head & Neck Institute, our primary concern is the health and wellbeing of our patients. The life-changing services we offer for our patients can make a night-and-day difference in their quality of life. We hear it all the time, and you can check out our reviews for yourself to see how people feel about the results they achieve under our care. Some of our services aren’t just life-changing, they’re life-saving.

Often, TMJ treatment, snoring treatment, and sleep apnea treatment can be very affordable. However, we also know that treatment you urgently need sometimes doesn’t fit in your budget. To make sure you have access to necessary care, we offer multiple payment and financing options.

Up-Front Estimates

We develop treatment plans for you as soon as we have diagnosed your condition. We try to develop multiple treatment plans whenever possible to give you options for achieving your goals.

When you settle on a course of treatment, we will give you a detailed estimate. This helps you make plans for covering expenses for your treatment. You’ll have the information you need to make long-term payment decisions.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance companies make money by taking in premiums and paying for as little treatment as they can manage. This leads to numerous restrictions on how much they will pay for different treatments and when they will pay. With this uncertainty, we can’t always both rely on insurance companies for payment and deliver quality care on the schedule you need to get well.

However, we know that many people depend on their insurance coverage to help pay for treatment. That’s why our team documents your care thoroughly and will file claims to your insurance on your behalf.

You are our patient, and we will work closely with you during the planning process to help you cover the cost of your treatment. We will check with your insurance company about what kind of coverage you have here in our office and based on what they tell us, let you know what will and what will not be covered. That way, you can plan for the payment options that make the most sense for you

CareCredit Financing

If your insurance doesn’t cover your procedure, or if your insurance company is slow to provide compensation, CareCredit financing can help you get the treatment you need while staying within the budget you have.

CareCredit is a special healthcare line of credit that you use specifically for health and wellness treatments. Once you apply and are approved, CareCredit will give you a credit limit that is likely in excess of what your treatment costs at our office. You don’t have to use that additional credit, but if you want you can apply it to other health and wellness treatments, including hearing care, eye care, cosmetic dentistry, or cosmetic surgery. It even works for veterinary care for your pets.

CareCredit applications are so easy to file that you can do it in minutes at home. You’ll usually get a response very quickly. If you prefer, we can help you file the application in our office.

CareCredit terms vary, but usually include either a no-interest or low-payment plan. The no-interest plan lets you space payments out for up to 24 months with no interest as long as you make payments on time. Another option is to get lower monthly payments that you can stretch out for as long as five years (60 months). A calculator on their site helps you balance the payments you can make and the amount you owe to find the right plan for your budget.

Don’t Wait on Necessary Care

At the Michigan Head & Neck Institute, we are committed to helping you escape chronic pain, poor sleep, and other urgent health concerns. We are ready to work with you to make access to this care as affordable as possible.

To learn more about your payment options, please call (586) 573-0438 or use our contact form to schedule an appointment at the Michigan Head & Neck Institute in Warren, MI.