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thumbs-up ” I went to see Dr. Klein for trouble with my jaw. After being examined and consulted, I found out that my problems were worse than I thought. My whole head, neck, and jaw were being affected and my teeth were being ground flat. Dr. Klein told me everything would be ok and he was right! He made me a custom guard for my mouth that I can wear comfortably during the day. It’s been some months now and things are better than ever. I can’t thank Dr. Klein enough for helping me with my jaw trouble, headaches, sinus trouble, teeth grinding, and neck pain. I have recommended Dr. Klein to my father and to numerous friends. I hope Dr. Klein keeps helping people for a long time.
In Health, Daniel Farkas, D.C., C.F.M.P.
President, Troy Community Coalition June 2017

thumbs-up “I’ve had TMJ for over 20 years with the pain, muscle spasms and teeth broken in my sleep but I never realized how dangerous it is. Until one day while showering I tossed my head forward to wash shampoo off the back of my neck. The combined spasms of my neck and jaw muscles yanked my head violently to the right. I managed, with exruciating pain, to get my head upright, but I couldn’t turn my head right or look down. The pain never eased. After consultations with neurologists, a neurosurgeon, and 6 weeks of physical therapy I learned I had damaged my spinal cord and I was lucky not to be in a wheelchair. My therapist tried everything but could not relax the muscles of my jaw. Dr. Masi, my dentist, had fortunately attended a recent standing room only lecture by Dr. Klein and, as we had tried unsuccessfully for years to correct my TMJ, we decided to call. The office was very helpful and supportive and Dr. Klein’s friendly manor, sense of humor, and professionalism put me at ease. The trigger point injection treatments released the worst spasm with remarkable success. After treatment I have returned to kayaking and wildlife photography that I feared would be impossible again. I do the therapy exercises I learned 3 times daily, go to the gym and swim to keep my daily morning neck stiffness from taking hold. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Klein for providing the crucial knowledge that gave me my life back.” Sincerely, Marion L. Spitzley May 2017

thumbs-up“My name is Beth Leininger and I am a Registered Nurse for a living who has suffered for about 10 months with a TMJ issue. I had tried to find a specialist for approximately 6 months since the traditional care my dentist prescribed (muscle relaxer) was not helping. My biggest concern was the crackle sound I heard in my jaw as I chewed, yawned and was it causing long term harm to my TMJ joint. Finally after a google search I found Michigan Head and Neck Institute and made an appointment. As you walk into Dr. Klein’s office which is a little ” non traditional”( I’ll let anyone new realize what that means on their own) you are greeted with friendly, caring staff including himself. After review of a questionnaire filled out by myself and a x ray, Dr. Klein helped explain my TMJ issue with a simple explanation and reviewed several treatment ideas. He gave options for the treatment including me doing some home treatment. He did not push for me to sign up for expensive options to start. He is a very knowledgeable dentist who cares about “the person” who is his patient. I even received a very nice personal handwritten note from him after my visit. I urge anyone looking for answers to make an appointment !!”
-Beth Leininger March 2017

thumbs-up“I was introduced to Dr. Klein as a result of my TMJ that would lock consistently. This had been a problem for a few years and no dentist appeared to understand the discomfort I was in, nor the severity of the problem. From the first visit, Dr. Klein validated my discomfort and anxiety associated with the disorder, as well as explained why it existed. He told me there was hope for my TMJ (TMD) and that I would get back to a “normal life” but was clear that I may always have a very slight click in my jaw. I appreciated his honesty very much. After months of treatment I can now say everything Dr. Klein has told me has come to be true. I am forever thankful and grateful for Dr. Klein and his very friendly staff. I would recommend him to anyone.”
-Emily Q., January 2017

thumbs-up“After 5 ½ years of severe constant facial pain taking numerous pain meds and medical treatments from many different doctors and specialists which gave little to no pain relief, I was referred to Dr. Richard Klein by my chiropractor in August 2016. My first consultation with Dr. Klein was very relaxed, comfortable and reassuring that I could once again be completely pain free in the face area. He explained the x-rays showed that I had a TMJ Disorder. He showed how he was going to treat the facial muscle which would allow my body to heal and eliminate the pain. After receiving a custom made orthotic in Sept 2016, I felt a big decrease in the intensity and number of pain flare-ups. It has been 3 months and I continue to experience improvement toward becoming completely pain free. I am so thankful and grateful to Dr. Klein and his wonderful helpful understanding staff and all they do. If you have facial pain, have a consultation with Dr. Klein at the Michigan Head & Neck Institute in Warren, MI and enjoy a pain free life once again.” – Joan R Simmonds, December 2016

thumbs-up“He will deny this, but in my mind Dr. Klein is a genius! After suffering from pain in my face, head, ear, and eye for months and seeing 6 doctors, dentists, and specialists I was almost resolved to a life of pain until Dr. Klein diagnosed and treated my condition. He knew exactly what the problem was and reassured me that it would improve, which it did in a matter of weeks. In my mind this was nothing short of a miracle. Dr. Klein’s knowledge and holistic approach will reassure you immediately. From my experience, Dr. Klein is a hero.”
– Joan S., December 2016

“My name is Vincent Brundidge and I’ve been suffering with TMJ for a period of 21 years. This injury caused me to suffer with various sinus , hearing and breathing conditions. I found out about the Michigan Head and Neck Institute by surfing through the web and decided I’d give them a chance. I met with Dr. Klein and his staff in May 2016. They were very courteous, empathetic and knowledgeable concerning TMJ and its affects. Dr. Klein explained the procedures and the treatment that would go forward for my condition, and after just the first treatment I received an immediate ease of pressure, pain, and can now hear better from my right ear. The treatment is on-going but I am confident that the 21 year issue will be completely resolved by Dr. Klein and staff.I recommend the services from Dr. Klein of the Michigan Head & Neck Institute to anyone suffering from this condition”.
– Vincent L. Brundidge, June 2016

thumbs-up ” Hi, my name is Suzann MacDowell. After my sleep test I was never given the option of having an Oral Appliance, Instead, I was shown only the different masks and CPAP machines. Not one person mentioned that I had other choices. After two and a half years of wearing the CPAP mask, I got so fed up with all the various problems. I began to research what could be done for some of my complaints. This lead me to Mayo Clinic Web where I read about the Oral Appliances. It peaked my interest so I contacted my dentist and ask him if he made the Oral Appliance. He said no, and recommended Dr. Klein. I called and they took my information over the phone and set up an appointment for me to come in and have x-rays, impressions of my teeth, and talk with Dr. Klein. I was a little nervous going to my first appointment, but Dr. Klein and the staff at Michigan Head & Neck Institute were so kind, knowledgeable, and professional. They were very thorough and contacted my doctor and insurance. All I had to do was show up for my appointment. Four weeks later, I had my Oral Appliance. From the first second I put the appliance in my mouth, I had no issues. Considering you have this Oral Appliance in your mouth, it was very easy to fall alseep. I had no pain or discomfort. What I really loved was that I no longer had Vertigo, large puffy bags under my eyes, circles under my eyes, strap marks on my face, or leakage of the mask. Oh my goodness what a difference this Oral Appliance has made in my life!!!
Thank you Dr. Klein and Staff. I will be forever grateful!”
-Suzann MacDowell, March 2016

thumbs-up“I was referred to Richard Klein DDS at the Michigan Head & Neck Institute for a problem I had with my jaw. I was lucky I found out about this specialist. Anyone who needs a truly good specialist should make this place their first choice for where they go.” -Kim, December 2015

thumbs-up“For seven plus years, I had been suffering with tingling and numbness in my arms and hands as well as stiffness in my neck. I went from medical doctor to medical doctor seeking relief. I was told it was arthritis or bone spurs or pinched nerves. The only relief they offered me was pain killers which only deadened but did not relieve the pain. I was referred to Dr. Klein by my dentist because I was grinding my teeth in my sleep. After a thorough examination he determined that, due to the stress in my life, I was tensing my jaw muscles. Since I had been doing this many years it caused a build up of toxins in my muscles and in the surrounding muscles that were compensating for them. Dr. Klein recommended massaging my cheek muscles and a non-addictive muscle relaxer to allow the muscles to release the toxins. Within a few days I began to feel relief. For this, I am forever thankful.” -Linnea Kuszmar, September 2015

thumbs-up“I’ve had jaw, neck and ear pain for many years. When my Doctor retired I began searching the internet for another specialist and saw Dr. Klein’s website. So glad I did he is amazing and so is his staff! Never had a bad experience there. My jaw, neck and ear pain is so much better which is a great relief! I work at a Doctors office and have referred a patient to him and they are very happy with Dr. Klein as well. I would recommend him to anyone.” -Tamara Tatti, June 2015

Audrey“I was having tremendous pain in my jaw. I couldn’t eat without severe pain, and could barely open my mouth. I heard about Dr. Klein, and went to see him about an evaluation.  He immediately put me at ease and diagnosed me within minutes. I had an MRI which confirmed his clinical diagnosis of a slipped disc. Dr. Klein’s explanation was very clear and easy to understand. His staff is excellent. By strictly following his recommendations, within six weeks, my pain resolved and the disc was back in place. I can now open my mouth normally and have no pain. I never thought that I would feel this good again.” -Audrey, May 2015

thumbs-up“Symptoms experienced prior to going to Michigan Head & Neck Institute: debilitating migraine headaches, severe sinus pressure and congestion, intense jaw pain with facial, neck and shoulder spasms and cramping, and high blood pressure.I have TMJ disorder and I am a “clencher.” I went to multiple health care providers seeking pain relief, healing and wellness, and received incorrect or incomplete diagnoses and “band aid” treatment that masked the symptoms, and even unnecessary treatment, like blood pressure pills, that actually made me sick.Dr. Richard Klein, with his thorough diagnostic approach, got to the root of my problem and initiated a treatment plan that included an oral orthotic, physical therapy in a massage chair, TENS unit, and good-old-fashioned TLC by his experienced staff at the Michigan Head & Neck Institute. Dr. Klein and team have equipped and empowered me with the knowledge and ability to manage and control my TMJ disorder symptoms when they appear. I am most grateful to Dr. Klein and his staff for leading me to rediscover health, wellness, and a pain-free life.”- Melissa H., 2014

thumbs-up“I had severe pain in my jaw and ear when I was referred to Dr. Klein. He diagnosed my problem as TMJ and started to treat the situation right away. Within two months the pain had subsided, thanks to him and his staff. I would recommend anyone with my condition to Dr. Klein.”
– Rozie Griffin, 2014

kmc-new“I was having TMJ pain and I was seeing my dentist but nothing was working so I checked Angie’s list for someone who handled TMJ and found Dr. Klein office. His office is really close to my home so I thought I would call to make an appointment. My first visit I met with his staff and Dr. Klein. He spoke to me asking questions regarding my TMJ. His office did x rays of my bite guard in and out. Dr. Klein checked my TMJ joints and said they were very tight and yes he was right I am always in pain. I have been going 3 times a week for 4 weeks. Now 2 times a week for 4 weeks for PT on my TMJ joints which is helping me I have less pain. Dr. Klein also wrote scripts that help with pain and muscle spasms. I was never aware of all the treatments that can be done until I saw Dr. Klein and his staff. The staff that takes care of you are wonderful. The 2 girls [assistants] have been with Dr. Klein for years. They go into your mouth with [vinyl] gloves and massage both joints which is so relaxing. If you are having pain or jaw popping or headache’s this sure is the place to go to. I’m sure you will like his staff and the Doctor is wonderful.”
– KMC, 2013

20130228_toddbro“I’ve experienced TMJ symptoms (clicking/minor jaw pain/headaches) sporadically throughout my life but those symptoms became more persistent and got progressively worse over the last year or so. As the symptoms started to get worse and I was experiencing pain on a daily basis, I spoke with my dentist about it. He provided an appliance and suggestions to mitigate my symptoms but they all resulted in a dead end.Months went by and the pain seemed to grow exponentially. Everyday activities I used to take for granted like chewing, talking, and even yawning were a chore. I had no choice but to seek a specialist and Dr. Klein came highly recommended. The care that I’ve received from Dr. Klein and his team was second to none. Now just months after receiving my orthotic, I am virtually pain free and the clicking and headaches are no longer an issue. I feel like I have my life back and I cannot be more grateful!.”
– Todd Clem, 2013

130429-130429-suzanne-runyon“I was referred to Dr. Klein to address my TMJ problem which was a result of a car accident. Not only am I pain free today, but I also fell I have made lifelong friends. Dr. Klein’s staff has the kindest, warmest, and most helpful individuals I have ever encountered. As far as Dr. Klein goes, I think he is the most competent, knowledgeable and compassionate doctor I have met in a long time. Never have I met a staff like theirs – they are all the best!.”
– Suzanne Runyon, 2013

thumbs-up“I went to a dentist, endodontist, oral surgeon, and neurologist for my tooth/facial pain. I was experiencing extremely painful spasms and an electric shock sensation that made it hurt to talk and difficult to eat. Just trying to brush my teeth would set off spasms of pain. I also had pain in my neck that I hadn’t realized was related. I had panoramic x-rays and brain & inner auditory canal MRIs done. I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia and prescribed medication. When I told my neurologist that the pain also seemed to be affecting my jaw, he referred me to Dr. Klein. I am so thankful he did. I had kept a pain journal and brought it in to my first visit with Dr. Klein, and he actually took the time to read it. After taking x-rays, he told me I had TMJ and explained how it was involved with my pain. I was given an orthotic appliance to wear and he taught me a facial stretching/massage technique. I had some improvement almost immediately. After several months of wearing the painless orthotic, I am finally pain-free and no longer taking any medications for pain. Dr. Klein and his staff are very kind and compassionate. I am very grateful and thankful for all of their help and for giving me my life back!.”
– Phyllis, 2013

ronald-matthews“I came to see Dr. Richard Klein about three years ago, and I had severe pain in my ears and jaw at that time. Dr. Klein and his staff applied therapy techniques to help relax the muscles around my jaw, and over the following weeks I could feel that the muscles were more relaxed and the pressure in my ear subsided. Dr. Klein also recommended that I wear a mouthpiece at night to stabilize my jaw and keep it in proper alignment. Now in November of 2012, I’m doing great. I am no longer experiencing any pain in my jaw and ear, and only need my mouthpiece checked about four times a year. I recommend that anyone who has TMJ problems consult with Dr. Klein and his wonderful staff.” – Ronald Matthews, 2012

20120814_maria“The doctor and staff here are very understanding and so friendly. They were very helpful in diagnosing and treating my condition. I would recommend this office to anyone with similar problems. Thank you, Dr. Klein, for all your help.”
– Maria Raimondo, 2012

20120813_earl“I have been a patient of Dr. Klein’s for the past five years. I went to Dr. Klein with a long list of symptoms ranging from jaw pain, sensitivity to light, to brain fog. I originally learned about Michigan Head & Neck Institute from my local dentist of 30 years, who was not able to help with my severe TMD [Temporomandibular Joint Disorder]. So, my dentist referred me to the best doctor her knew in Michigan.I remember my first appointment, and I had thought Dr. Klein would be just “another doctor” but I was so wrong. Dr. Klein never made any false promises, and said it would be a gradual process, and would take some effort on my part to get my condition under control. The staff at Dr. Klein’s office is top-notch. They are very empathetic to your condition, and when it’s time to see Dr. Klein you feel very comfortable and he focuses directly on you and your condition. To the person reading this: pick up the phone and make that appointment because it will be the best thing you can do for yourself. Thank you Dr. Klein and staff, you’re simply the best and you have helped me enjoy life again!.”
– Earl, 2012

20120813_judy“I had serious TMJ problems. I had gone through surgery, but was still not getting any better. I started to see Dr. Klein in December 2011. At that time I had swelling in my jaw and could not eat. Since seeing Dr. Klein, the pain and swelling are gone and I can easily eat and even yawn! If you have any jaw problems, go see Dr. Klein. I highly recommend him.”
– Judy Buresh, 2012

20120813_marja“I suffered with TMJ problems for many years. After having my sinuses treated and after being on many different medications, I came to see Dr. Klein. He has made me feel better than I ever have! He is very knowledgeable, and has a friendly staff. If you are suffering from TMJ, don’t hesitate – go see Dr. Klein because he can make you feel better.”
– Marija Sunda, 2012

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