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03. 22. 2018

Recent News, TMJ

Injuries That Can Cause TMD

It is a widely recognized fact that TMJ disorders (TMD) can stem from an injury or trauma. Any injury that has enough force to break teeth can permanently damage temporomandibular joints, surrounding muscles, ligaments and tendons.  Obvious injuries such an a fractured jaw or traumatic head injury typically happen as the result of a motor…

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03. 12. 2018

Recent News

Music Therapy

Most of us probably don’t think of music as a form of medicine or treatment, but you’d be surprised.  Studies have shown that music can have long-term cognitive, emotional and social benefits in many areas of healthcare.  In fact, music therapy is being utilized more and more in the treatment of neurological disorders such as…

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02. 26. 2018

Sleep Apnea

How Does the Long-Term Effects of Sleep Apnea Affect Your Health?

Sleep Apnea is a condition in which your breathing becomes shallow or even completely stops for a brief moment during sleep. It can occur many times throughout the night, affecting your mental clarity and alertness the next day. Many people are unaware that sleep apnea is happening during the night and that they need sleep…

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02. 06. 2018

Recent News, Sleep Apnea, TMJ

Dangers of Underdiagnosis

Please check out our article in Innovative Health Magazine’s Summer 2017 edition titled “Dangers of Underdiagnosis” Page 52   http://www.emagcloud.com/innovativehealthmagazine/IHM422017OnLine4/page_1.html                

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02. 06. 2018

Recent News, Sleep Apnea, TMJ

Sleep & Pain

Please check out our article in Innovative Health Magazine’s Winter 2018 edition titled “Sleep and Pain” Page 32   https://www.emagcloud.com/innovativehealthmagazine/IHM512018online/page_33.html    

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